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Goals and Objectives

Organisational Mission:
To develop MCSL into a regional place of excellence that inspires the community to embrace an environmental conscience.

Organisational Vision:
The Board of Directors and staff of MCSL are committed to:

  • Adopting and promoting best practice in environmental sustainability
  • Conducting our business ethically, honestly and transparently
  • Providing value for sponsors' and supporters' investment
  • Fulfilling our duty of care to employees, volunteers and the public.

 Organisational Objectives:

  • MCSL will encourage the community to adopt sustainable lifestyle choices to make a positive difference to the environmental sustainability of the Macarthur Region and beyond.
  • MCSL will provide an attractive place of environmental excellence where visitors will see sustainability in action; have access to experts and plenty of opportunities to develop their own knowledge, interests and understanding.
  • MCSL will develop strong partnerships with business and community-based stakeholders to secure MCSL's financial independence and future existence.
  • MCSL will provide value-for-money to funding bodies to maintain MCSL's credibility and their respect.
  • MCSL will continually review and improve its administrative systems to ensure a stable administrative foundation on which to build the Centre's operations.
  •  MCSL stakeholders and visitors to the Centre can expect the following:
    An enjoyable outing where their needs for safety, comfort, orientation, information, recreation and education are met.
  • Easy access to MCSL facilities and expertise, collections, messages and values.
  • An experience that raises awareness of a wide range of sustainable technology and practices in homes, urban precincts and businesses – from the latest and the most sophisticated to the simplest but effective techniques for conserving earth's resources.
  • An experience that engages and delivers satisfaction and empowerment to adopt sustainable living practices.
  • An experience that fosters community interest and ownership of MCSL: the organisation and the Centre.
  • An experience that is worth telling others about; that spreads MCSL's messages, programs and services 'well beyond the Centre boundaries'.