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By removing the waste currently produced in the generation of your electricity, (approx 2.3 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere per person per annum) you will reduce your ecological footprint and therefore your contribution to climate change.

What can you do?

Cultivate energy saving habits - Simple adjustments to your daily habits can save tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere everyday.

  • Switch off lights when you don't need them.
  • Switch off electrical appliances when not in use. Standby power accounts for about 4 per cent of the average homes energy use, so turn it off at the power point to save energy and money!
  • Turn down your thermostat and throw on a jumper. Turning it down by just 1°C can save you up to 10 per cent on your heating bill.
  • Use pot lids when cooking. Keep lids on pans when cooking and reduce the energy required.
  • Cold drink of water. Keep drinking water in the fridge instead of letting the tap water run for a few moments before the water becomes cold.
  • Drying your clothes. Let clothes dry naturally on the clothesline rather than using a tumble dryer.

Install energy efficient appliances and fixtures - Use the 6 Star Energy Rating system to guide you towards the most energy efficient appliances. The more stars, the more efficient the appliance.

Switch to renewable energy - By purchasing 100 per cent Federal Government accredited GreenPower renewable electricity you are instantly switching your electricity dollar from a traditional coal-burning power plant to one of a combination of renewable sources of electricity generation (e.g. wind, hydro, biomass and solar) and stopping approximately 10 tonnes of CO2 / year (for an average home) from being released into the atmosphere.

Generate your own electricity - The installation of solar panels on your home will generate a significant amount of your electricity needs and reduce your households greenhouse gas emissions. A 1.5kW system will save approximately 2.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions, per annum (compared to coal powered electricity). The Federal  and State Governments also offer rebates on these systems. Click here for more information.