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 Off Set your Carbon Emissions while you travel

1. Reduce your CO2 emissions when you fly by choosing non stop flights rather than connecting flights. For some trips the train may be a good choice for you.

2. Choose the option to neutralize flight emissions by buying carbon offsets along with your air ticket. A return flight from UK to Australia generates more than three tons of CO2

3. Opt for accommodations that understand the importance of environmentally friendly practices. Look for water conservation measures, electricity conservation, sustainable foods used in restaurant menus and native landscaping designs that encourage local wildlife.

4. Set your water heater to HOLIDAY mode when you are away for extended periods. This mode will keep the water warm, but use less energy than it requires when you are home.

5.Buy local products. An item of food has travelled before it reaches your dinner table. Your local fresh food market is a good place to start- good for the climate and the local economy.

"ECO Tourism Australia" factsheet- 0732521530

To off set your carbon emissions before or after you travel -

What is sustainable Transport?

Sustainable transport refers to any means of transportation that has a low impact on the environment, and includes using methods of transport like walking, cycling, transit oriented development, green vehicles (such as smart cars) and also car sharing.

By using sustainable means of transport you are lowering            


Benefits of sustainable transport

 Benefits of sustainable transport are that it reduces the amount of carbon emissions going into the atmosphere; you are also reducing the local health impacts from vehicle emissions.  Air pollution from motor vehicles causes between 900-2000 early deaths and between 900 to 4500 cases of bronchitis, cardiovascular and repertory disease.


Sustainable transport is the transition to an environmentally sustainable transport system that involves a combination of technological and demand-side transport policies.

Sustainable transport is not just about encouraging people to use public transport. It is about reducing carbon emissions on all transport modes across the entire transport system around Australia and also designing the transport system and our cities so there is less need to travel. The way we travel has a big impact around our environment- most of our air pollution and about 16.5 per cent of our greenhouse gas emissions come from transport.