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What is Green Building?

A green building:

  • operates energy efficiently
  • conserves water
  • is comfortable, safe and healthy
    • is durable and maintainable with
      minimal environmental impact

Examples of green building are:

  • Solar Panels – Solar panels are used to absorb the sun’s rays and transmit the rays into energy which is then used to generate electricity or heat. Solar panels are the most effective way to cut your energy bill and also reduce your homes impact on the environment.
  • Solar Hot Water – Solar hot water panels are used to absorb energy from the sun which then heats the water. Heating water uses about around 30% of the average household energy per day. However, installing a solar water heater can cut the CO2 emissions you’re putting into the atmosphere by four tonnes per year. 
  • Insulation – Insulation is a like a barrier that prevents heat passing in or out of your house. There are two types of insulation Bulk and reflective. Bulk insulation is primarily used in the ceiling or in the walls and comes in an array or shapes, thickness and materials. The most common material used in bulk insulation is wool or glass fibre. Some other materials that are used include recycled and virgin polyester and cellulose fibre. Bulk insulation works by trapping the heat flow in small heat pockets. Reflective insulation works by reflecting the heat or not emitting it and is usually made out of shiny aluminium. 
  • Rain water - Rainwater harvesting involves the collection, storage and distribution of rainwater from the roof, to use inside the home or outside the home. Rain water can be used for many things including:
  • · Drinking
  • · Cooking
  • · Bathing
  • · Laundry
  • · Toilet flushing
  • · Watering the garden


 The green building has a high efficiency in the use of natural resources, water and materials that are used in designing and constructing the building it also receives a lot of incentives from the government: in the long run it also saves a lot of energy consumption.


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