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Rootzone Australia G1200 reed bed system

System integrated into the garden Passive natural system, no energy consumption except for irrigation pump, no moving parts, no chemicals, fits into the landscape, only one annual inspection, remotely monitored.

Rootzone Australia G1200 reed bed system


How does it work?

Wastewater is collected in a septic tank (you may be able to use your old one) and flows by gravity into a horizontal flow reed bed which treats the septic effluent to a secondary treatment standard.

The flow through the reed bed is about 150mm below the surface so no exposure to untreated effluent and no odours.

Secondary treated effluent is further treated in a vertical flow reed bed and the treated effluent is stored in the base.

A pump in the base of the vertical bed pumps to an irrigation area.


For more information - phone: 02 46 327 566